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The buyer has a great deal of power in property transactions, and this is something that vendors must be aware of. If a buyer changes their mind about buying a property, all of your good work and effort may be for nothing, but it is important to know that there are steps you can take to turn a buyer around or make them change their mind.

At Austin Property Services, we have been involved in many property transactions, and we know the pressure buyers and vendors are under. It is natural that some buyers will change their mind or experience cold feet. Sometimes, there will be nothing that the vendor can do but the following tips should be remembered if you are looking to persuade a buyer to purchase your home.

Talk to the buyer

It may be that the buyer has genuine concerns or worries about buying your home or moving into the area. Buying a home is a major decision and people should be as certain as they can be about buying property. You will have insight into your local area and what your home is like to live in, and it may be that you can allay certain fears or provide tips and hints to make a buyer feel more confident about purchasing a property.

Think about the emotions of buying a home

While it is best to approach buying a home with as logical a process as possible, there is no denying that emotions run high with this style of purchase. If you remember how you felt when buying a home and what emotions you went through, you will know that buying a home is a difficult time.

If you discuss how you felt when buying a home and how you overcame your own nerves and concerns, it will help the buyer to feel as though they are not alone. This is important because there are times when being a buyer can feel lonely, but if you can persuade the buyer that you, and many other buyers, felt like this, you will make them feel more confident about the process.

Can you offer more?

It may be that the buyer doesn’t feel that the purchase represents value for them. In this regard, is there anything else extra you can offer that will seal the deal. It is important to know what aspects of the property you need to retain or take with you, and what aspects you are happy to sell or trade away.

If an item isn’t essential, consider offering it to the buyer over and above the property in an attempt to make the purchase seem more attractive. If you can make a home seem better value to a buyer, it is likely that they will be more inclined to buy the home.

Selling your home can be challenging and sometimes problems arise that were unexpected. If you are looking for assistance in selling your home, contact Austin Property Services and we will be more than happy to assist you.


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