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There is no denying that energy efficiency is important for many homeowners, and its importance is increasing. More and more people want to have a positive impact on the environment and if it is possible to save money at the same time, it is perfectly natural that people will have a genuine interest in this area.

At Austin Property Services, we are keen to provide you with as much support and guidance as we can offer, and this includes providing you with energy efficiency tips to improve your home.

Insulating your loft is a smart idea

A study carried out by the Department for Energy and Climate Change noted that a total of £500m was wasted in UK homes due to heat escaping through poorly insulated walls and roofs. It has been suggested that a reliable standard of insulation can help a homeowner save around £160 each year on their energy bills.

If you plan on being in your home for a long time, or you want to make your home more appealing to buyers, insulating your loft is a smart idea that pays off in the short and long-term.

A boiler upgrade can work wonders?

If you believe you are paying too much on energy bills, have you considered the behaviour of your boiler? Some studies suggest that an inefficient boiler could add £200 to your annual energy bill, and this is money most people would prefer not to pay.

Upgrading your boiler can save you money and it can also reduce the level of carbon emissions from your home. It is believed that a boiler is responsible for around 60% of carbon dioxide emissions from gas heated home. If you are looking to change this impact, upgrading your boiler to a higher standard may be a sensible move.

Keep a close eye on your energy consumption

While there are some steps you can take to have a big impact on your energy usage, many homes benefit from making small changes and minor improvements. In order to know where you can improve, you should invest in an energy monitor to better understand how and where you use energy at home.

While these monitors are available at an affordable price for many homeowners, your energy supplier may provide you with one for free, so check out their website or contact them for more details about obtaining one for free.

Information provided by British Gas suggests the use of an energy monitor helps households save an average of £110 each year.

Other quick energy saving tips you should consider include:

  • Switching to a showerhead that saves water
  • Improve your door and window frames
  • Install or improve your double glazing
  • Upgrade to an eco kettle

There are many reasons to be more energy efficient, and the fact that you can save money is usually the leading reason for most householders. At Austin Property Services, we want you to make the most of your home, so get in touch whatever moves you want to make in the future.




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