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There is never a bad time to remain up to date with property prices. Whether you are looking to move in the near future or not, knowing the price of homes in your local area, or an area you hold an interest in will be of benefit. Of course, March 2019 is still shaping up to be a historical month in the United Kingdom, and you’ll find that many people will be paying closer attention to property prices in the next few months than they may have done before.

We’re not making any predictions about what will happen to the property market after Brexit because no one has a clue what impact Brexit will have. You can’t even say for certain that Brexit will definitely happen let alone try and predict what will happen, but we’ve been through many challenging times in the local property market, and we aim to be here helping people through whatever comes.

We keep you up to date with Weymouth property prices

Therefore, if you are looking for Weymouth property prices for March 2019, we are here to assist you. The following figures have been provided by Zoopla. The Zoopla figures don’t cover the entire market but they are available more quickly than Land Registry figures, so if you’re looking to review a market in the here and now, these figures are as robust as you are likely to find.

In the past 12 months, the average price paid for a property in Weymouth stands at £261,726. This has been taken from a total of 998 sales and the current average value of homes in Weymouth has been listed as £272,578.

Find figures that are relevant for your next move

While average prices and values for an area like Weymouth are interesting for local residents and people comparing areas to help them decide where to move to next, anyone planning on a move will need more specific figures.

Overall market figures are important and provide insight but if you are selling a flat in Weymouth the price of detached properties in Weymouth isn’t too relevant. You need prices that are close to your area of interest and the figures below detail the average price paid for property types in Weymouth in the past 12 months:

  • Average price paid for flats in Weymouth in the past 12 months is £161,979
  • Average price paid for terraced properties in Weymouth in the past 12 months is £215,895
  • Average price paid for semi-detached properties in Weymouth in the past 12 months is £270,096
  • Average price paid for detached properties in Weymouth in the past 12 months is £375,200

It is also of interest to study the latest asking prices, and if this interests for you Weymouth, we can help stay informed.

Are you up to date with asking prices in Weymouth?

The current asking price for a one-bedroom property in Weymouth is £134,653 and for a two- bedroom property in Weymouth, the current asking price is £195,997. A three-bedroom property in Weymouth carries an asking price of £271,954 and for a four-bedroom property, the current asking= price in Weymouth is £372,682. For a five-bedroom property in Weymouth, the current asking price is £431,664.

These are interesting times across the country, but people are still making moves in the housing market. If you are looking to move, or you want to remain fully up to date with the market, seek help from the experts. At Austin Property Services, we aim to provide our clients with the best guidance and support, so please get in touch.

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