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Buying or selling a home is a huge commitment, and people want to make informed decisions. There is no such thing as a risk-free sale or purchase, but it is fair to say most people would prefer to make an informed decision in a more stable time than what is happening now.

Will there be a spooky Brexit Halloween in 2019?

When the March deadline passed for Brexit with no decision, many industry specialists were concerned about this uncertainty rumbling on. The next Brexit deadline occurs in October, with the jokes around Halloween being written already!

While you may think further delays are unhelpful, it could be vendors have decided that enough is enough. A lot of people have placed their life on hold while they wait for confirmation on what is going to happen next in and to the United Kingdom. Whether you back or dislike Brexit, knowing one way or another will allow people to make a more informed decision.

However, with fears over a No Deal Brexit diminishing, there is a sense that people want to get on with their life. This outcome can be seen in the increase in property listings for April 2019, compared to April 2018 and March of 2019.

Hopes are rising about property market activity

It is best not to get carried away too quickly with just one month’s worth of figures, but with year-on-year and month-on-month figures highlighting increases, it is perfectly natural many people will take the positive angle from these figures.

One industry expert suggested that 49% of the principal cities and towns in the country witnessed an increase in listings. There was also some startling figures across the country, with Stevenage’s listings increasing by 69.4% in the one month. Salford benefitted from an increase of 43.8% in the same month.

Other locations which experienced a notable increase in April 2019 include King’s Lynn, Ipswich, Gloucester, Carlisle and Warrington.

There will be people who want more positivity before feeling more optimistic about the property market. However, given the negativity surrounding property deals, is it any wonder many people are looking for positive signs?

Sam Mitchell is the Chief Executive Officer of Housesimple, who spoke about the upturn, saying; “Home owners wasted little time in marketing their properties once the new Brexit date was confirmed. There was inevitably a slight lull in market activity in early April, but activity has picked up noticeably since 12 April, and although we’ve seen a more subdued spring bounce than in previous years, under the circumstances, seller numbers are at healthy levels, particularly in the North.”

At Austin Property Services, we want to help you make informed decisions in the property market. No matter your political leanings, if you are looking to sell your home, we are here to help.

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