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Rightmove carried out a study where they spoke to 10,000 people, and more than one-third of buyers agreed that a floorplan was critical. These buyers aid they were less likely to inquire about a house if there was not floorplan with the property listing.

The same study suggests one in five buyers would ignore a property listing if it didn’t offer a floorplan. These buyers would only review a property without a floorplan if all other options provided nothing of note.

Floorplans entice buyers

An earlier Rightmove study suggests properties with a floorplan receive 30% more interest compared to listings that don’t offer a floorplan. That alone should inform vendors of the importance of adding a floorplan to their home.

The property market is highly competitive, and you cannot afford to be viewed as a lesser option by buyers.

These findings should indicate how crucial floorplans are to vendors. You need to engage buyers, and you should look to provide buyers with what you want. There is a great deal to be said for providing buyers with as much information as possible.

Buying a home is a massive step in life, and buyers need to make an informed decision. If you are the vendor which helps buyers make an informed decision, you’ll go a long way towards being the vendor buyers trust.

Helping buyers visualise the home is helpful because it allows them to see themselves living in the property. A floorplan with accurate dimensions ensures prospective buyers know if the house is right for them and whether their furniture will fit.

Floorplans speed up the sales process

A floorplan saves a lot of time and effort. If some buyers decide against following up an initial interest in a home because of details in the floorplan, it is no significant loss. While vendors want to welcome as many buyers as possible, you want to welcome interested buyers. If a prospective buyer will eventually pull out because the house is too small or the wrong size for their needs, it is better to find this out sooner rather than later.

RICS recognise the importance of accurate floorplans, and the organisation intends to bring in an industry standard. There will be training provided to interested parties, and upon passing an exam, qualified professionals can state they are RICS certified when it comes to measuring the property.

This should be welcome news for vendors and buyers. Anything which creates confidence in the property market has to be viewed as a positive thing, and when buyers are confident, they are more likely to make an offer.

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