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Knowing these people will critique your home, and their opinion influences your ability to sell your home, and take the next step in life only adds to the pressure of the situation. You should have your home prepared as best as you can throughout the sales process, and of course, if a viewing is arranged in advance, you have prior notice.

Of course, you don’t always get a lot of advance notice of when a viewing takes place. Sometimes, you may only get a couple of hours warning regarding a viewing. This is highly convenient, but as you are keen to sell your home, you accept and then try to make your home as presentable as possible.

The better condition you maintain for your home throughout the sales process, the better. If you can make your home ready for guests in half an hour, you’ll likely do well. However, real-life doesn’t often work like that. When you live in your home during the sales process, real-life gets in the way, and your home becomes messy and cluttered.

Attack the clutter quickly

If you have prepared your home for sale, you should be aware of the importance of decluttering. A decluttered home creates space, making the house seem more significant, offering more opportunities for a buyer. Also, when your home is free of clutter, it is easier for a buyer to imagine themselves living in the property.

Therefore, you need to ensure your home is tidy and presents as much space as possible.

Let natural light and air in

Two quick tips that help create a more positive atmosphere at home is to allow as much natural light in and to let as much air circulate the room. Natural light has a positive effect on prospective buyers, so try to allow as much into your home as you can. Pull back your curtains and make sure nothing blocks light getting in.

Also, open windows and doors before prospective buyers arrive, which hopefully helps create a fresh atmosphere and removes any lingering smells.

Pep up the bathroom and kitchen

While all rooms are essential during the viewing phase, it is crucial to present your bathrooms and kitchens in the best manner. You want to ensure these rooms are spotless because hygiene is critical. In the kitchen, create space, and make sure you have a contemporary appliance on show.

You don’t need to overhaul these rooms, but you must ensure they are functional and clean.

Finishing touches like scented candles, folded towels and the removal of shampoos and conditioners create a stylish bathroom, and in the kitchen, you need to offer clean and clear worktops.

If you are keen to sell your home, contact Austin Property Services, and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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