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If you are a Bridport vendor looking to sell their home, we have some eco-friendly tips for you to consider. These tips are great because they appeal to people who make decisions based on environment tally friendly ideals but they work for every vendor, because energy efficient improvements save money.

As a vendor, you need to have an Energy Performance Certificate, EPC, in place. This document is a legal requirement for vendors, and it informs potential buyers of the energy efficiency rating of your property. Therefore, if you can improve the energy efficiency rating of your home, it becomes easier to make a more positive impact on likely buyers.

Even if you don’t intend on selling your home soon, you’ll benefit from lowering your energy costs, so these tips are suitable for all homeowners, regardless of their short-term plans.

Invest in a thermostat

There has been a lot of talk about “taking back control” in the United Kingdom in recent years, and this is great advice for the home. If you want to lower your energy bills while remaining warm and comfortable at home, a thermostat is the best investment you can make.

Knowing you can set the temperature at your preferred heat, or being able to control the warmth of your home no matter where you are is a great feeling. This device and technology greatly appeal to buyers, so having one in place when you sell your home makes perfect sense.

Swap out old bulbs for LED bulbs

You don’t need to make massive changes to make a home more environmentally friendly, you can take small steps that bring about positive changes. LED bulbs are more expensive than traditional light bulbs, but in the long-term, these bulbs save you money.

LED bulbs last for considerably longer than traditional light bulbs, and they also use much less energy. Therefore, every energy bill will be lowered, which is something most homeowners are keen to enjoy. If you are sick and tired of energy suppliers continually increasing energy prices, you will be delighted to lower their presence on your finances.

Turn to energy efficient appliances

Some appliances at home use up a lot of energy, with washing machines being a prime example. The older or less efficient these devices are, the more energy they are likely to use. Upgrading these appliances to more energy efficient appliances will save money, and significantly improve your EPC rating.

If you are looking to sell your Bridport home, and you want to make the best possible impact, contact Austin Property Services. We offer property valuation services, so start the process of selling your home in the most effective manner.

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