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Find the buyers who are keen to move quickly

Buyers move at their own pace, and it is difficult to know which people aim to move quickly, and which people prefer to move at a more relaxed pace. If you are looking to sell your home quickly, it is best to find a buyer with a deadline, and in autumn, some buyers want everything lined up before the start of the festive period.

You or your agent can engage buyers, and anyone stating a preference to have a deal concluded quickly may become your leading candidate during the sales process.

Make sure the lighting at your home is of a high standard

When it comes to impressing prospective buyers, you need to offer a well-lit home. Natural light is always the best option when presenting a property, but in autumn, natural light isn’t always easy to come by. Therefore, you need to think about the lighting options around the home.

If you are looking to improve the lighting in your kitchen or bathroom, opt for bright lights that make sure the room is well-lit. If you are keen to improve the lighting in a living room or bedroom, a cosier presence may be preferable. You can achieve this outcome by using smaller lights as opposed to the main light in the centre of the room.

Arrange viewings for daytime if you can

Given the importance of natural light when presenting a property for buyers, it makes sense to arrange as many viewings as you can for the daytime. This isn’t always possible, but if you have the ability to be flexible, you will find this is helpful in showcasing your home in the best way.

If you can offer weekend viewings, you will hopefully generate enough interest to showcase your home in the best possible setting.

Add some seasonal flourish to your home

There is a lot to be said for adding seasonal flair to a home when you want to impress buyers. Anything which creates a fresh presence is welcome, and autumnal colours are warm and welcoming. When you add in red, brown and gold, you should create a presence that makes people feel at home.

Try to keep your garden tidy

As a vendor, you likely know the importance of presenting a clean and tidy garden, but this is often easier said than done in autumn. Do as much as you can to present a clean garden, raking leaves and creating clear and safe paths.

If you are looking to sell your Weymouth home this autumn, and you want to make the best possible impact, contact Austin Property Services. We offer property valuation services, so start the process of selling your home in the most effective manner.


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