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If you plan on selling your home in 2020, preventing problems from arising over winter will significantly enhance your chances of connecting with buyers. Even if you aren’t looking to sell your home next year, it is never a bad idea to ensure your home is in the best possible condition.

Austin Property Services has helped many homeowners care for their home, and we look forward to assisting you as best we can. We know the challenges winter poses for property owners, and if you are looking for peace of mind in preparing your home for New Year, we are here to assist you.

Focus on your boiler

It is easy to see why many homeowners don’t spend a lot of time thinking about their boiler. Hen your boiler is in good working order, you take it for granted. Also, if there is a problem with your boiler, it can be expensive.

Therefore, many homeowners will avoid their boiler until a notable problem occurs, but this isn’t a sensible move. It is always best to be proactive, and by doing so, you can keep the cost of managing your boiler and home down to a reasonable level.

If your boiler stops working, your home is miserable and cold. Also, if you need to make emergency repairs or call out a specialist at short notice, the process becomes much more expensive. It is far better for you to call out a qualified engineer to review your boiler than wait for something to go wrong.

Protecting your pipes is vital for landlords

If problems arise with your pipes, such as burst pipes or frozen pipes, your home will feel miserable in winter. You can be proactive by lagging your pipes, ensuring they are protected from a cold snap. You will also maintain a better standard of consistency around the home. It is possible to buy commercially available lagging, but any material around your home is just as effective.

You don’t need to choose the most stylish option when lagging your pipes, it is best to opt for the most effective option.

If your pipes burst or freeze, you are again in for a miserable time. It is vital you lag your pipes to protect them from cold snaps, and to maintain a level of consistency in their heat. You can buy commercially available lagging, but you can also use material that you have in the property. Lagging your pipes don’t have to be stylish, but it must be effective.

Ensure your roof is in great condition

You also want to ensure your roof is in excellent condition. If there are problems with your roof, the whole house suffers. It is often best to call on an expert to review these matters for you, especially if you aren’t confident with heights.

No matter what your 2020 plans are, it is imperative you care for your home this winter. If you plan on selling your home in 2020, we can arrange a property valuation, and we’ll do everything we can to help you connect with buyers.


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