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You will find that whether you want to sell your home or create a spacious and welcoming home environment, there is a lot to be said for decluttering your home. If you plan to sell your home at any point in 2020, the sooner you declutter the property, the better. You will also find that many other people declutter their home at this time, which means you are far from being alone by improving your property at this time.

A lot of people feel as though their home is empty and bare when the tree and festive decorations come down. Rather than rushing to fill your home and making it look and feel busy, it is best for you to embrace this feeling, and carry on with creating more space. You’ll find many people are of the same mindset, so jump on the bandwagon, and declutter your home with a view to achieving your aims and goals in 2020.

You need to set a schedule

While there are many experts who offer guidance on times and how to plan the decluttering process, no one knows you and your loved ones like you. Therefore, it is down to you to create a schedule that works for you, and which helps you reach your goals.

If you know you and your family work slowly, there is no point planning to complete the job in one day. Similarly, the size of your home and the number of belongings you have will impact what you can and cannot achieve in a reasonable time-frame.

A single person who lives in a small home and who leads a minimal lifestyle requires less time than a family in a large home with a lot of belongings. You need to be reasonable and realistic when it comes to managing the decluttering process, so create a schedule which is relevant to your needs.

Decluttering can be a stressful activity, and you may not want to get rid of some items. Remember you have options in removing items from your home. You can pass belongings onto others, you can sell them, or you can give them to charity. If this helps you move certain items on, you will benefit in the long term.

If you do plan on selling your home in 2020, we are here to assist you. At Austin Property Services, we are pleased to say we have helped many local homeowners place their property on the market, and connect with buyers. If you need to arrange a valuation for your property, we can sort this on your behalf.

Whether you plan to declutter to maximise the chances of selling your home next year, or you want a more spacious and relaxed home environment, we are here to assist you, so contact us today.




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