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However, you don’t need to sell your home to benefit from clean surroundings. Anyone who is keen to ensure their property is hygienic, and they are playing their part in minimising the likelihood of passing on COVID-19, please consider the following steps.

Set up a station to place outer garments

A good idea to minimise the spread of infection is to have a station close to your door where you can place coats, scarfs and any other item you are worried about being infected. While we use the term station, a washing basket, box or bag is suitable.

By not taking these outer garments into other rooms, you minimise any spread, and you can better control your surroundings.

In this current environment, it is recommended these items are cleaned more often. If you are unable to clean these items, you should steam them if you can.

Consider your mobile phone

If you are inside a lot, there is a good chance you will use your smartphone a lot. This device is fantastic for keeping you in touch with the outside world, and the news, but it is a surface that germs may linger on.

If your mobile phone can be cleaned, take the time to remove the case and wash it in warm soapy water. For the majority of phones, you should be okay to use a paper towel on the screen, while you can use a micro fibre cloth if you have one.

Apple have announced that 70% alcohol wipes can be used on their screens. These wipes are in high-demand, as they are effective in sanitising surfaces, but if you have them, you can use them to ensure your phone is safe to use.

Make sure kitchen surfaces

It is never a bad idea to keep your kitchen clean, but right now, you should take additional steps to ensure your kitchen is clean. The most effective approach in cleaning your kitchen surface is to disinfect the area, and then use a bleach product to lift any unwanted guests off.

You shouldn’t disinfect the surface and then wipe it down straight away. Leave the first clean for a few minutes, and then wipe the surface and then use a bleach product to clean the surface again.

If you have a few people at home, it makes sense to give everyone their own set of towels and cloths. This approach can also be utilised for areas of your home, using a cloth for a specific area. When the cloth has been used, wash them, don’t leave them lying around on surfaces.

We know this is a challenging time, and if you have any questions about the housing market or how to present your home right now, please get in touch. At Austin Property Services, we aim to support the local community as much as we can, and we look forward to assisting you again in the future.

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