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We have some cleaning tips for you that will help you freshen up key rooms of your home.

Bedroom and living room cleaning tips

  • Wash rugs and clean all flooring
  • Wash and/or dry-clean the curtains
  • Empty all cupboards, drawers, closets and wardrobes, cleaning them inside and out
  • Clean all furniture
  • Be sure to clean all glass panels, blinds, casings, tracks, frames and windowsills

Follow these bathroom cleaning tips to create a positive impression

  • Scrub all tiles and grout with an appropriate bleach cleaner, and then rinse the area
  • Clean the tub and shower, using baking soda and vinegar if you require additional assistance in scrubbing tough stains or marks
  • Scour the sink, paying close attention to all chrome surfaces
  • Ensure all cabinets and countertops have been wiped clean
  • Sanitise the toilet and sink
  • Scrub and mop the bathroom floor

You need to create a positive impression with your kitchen

  • Wipe down your dishwasher
  • Use water and lemon juice to help you clean your microwave
  • Scrub the sink and focus on chrome finishes
  • Remove all oven racks, drip pans and grills from a stove and scrub them clean
  • If you are leaving any appliances, ensure they are cleaned to a high standard
  • Ensure all glass elements in the kitchen are cleaned with a specialist glass cleaner
  • Empty and defrost your fridge and clean the inside
  • Clear out cabinets and drawers and wipe them down a mild cleaner and sponge

Izzy Hussain, is the owner of a domestic cleaning company in Wolverhampton, and spoke to the BBC saying cleaning is all about common sense. Izzy said; “I think we all know what to do but we've just forgotten or taken cleaning less seriously as our lives have got busier. We have a lot of vulnerable clients - elderly people and working families with children too, and it's easy to overlook things. With this scare - and it is scary - we've been wearing disposable gloves out on jobs to protect ourselves, but otherwise our standards have remained as high as they've always been. I would just say it's time to go back to basics and clean your home not just regularly but often.”

 If you are looking for a helping hand to scrub your home clean, but want to avoid commercial cleaning products, the following items are handy to use:

  • Baking soda
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Lemons
  • Liquid dish soap
  • Salt
  • Vodka/rubbing alcohol

We know many people have questions and queries right now, and we are here to help as best we can. Please get in touch with Austin Property Services if there is anything, we can assist you with.

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