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A popular scheme

Weymouth is one of the most popular places on the UK coast to retire to, and attracts many mature buyers. For the past 30 years, anyone over the age of 60 has been able to access deckchairs on the beach for free, as well as hire windbreaks for half of the usual fee. This has of course proved hugely popular with the pensioners of the area, and when the sun comes out, plenty of them take advantage of the great deal that's on offer. After all, why wouldn't you? Now though, the local council are beginning to look at changing this policy.

Not cost-effective

The council are considering getting rid of this policy for a number of different reasons. The first is that around 30 percent of the council's available deckchairs are given out as part of the free for over-60's scheme. This figure remains the same even during peak times. Other areas of concern include administration costs and the lack of deckchairs to hire out to visitors. This is a scheme that has never been reviewed since its implementation during the 1980's, and with local services under increasing pressure, the council have been forced to look at changing it.

An open process

For Weymouth locals who love to spend their days at the beach during the summer, it's not all bad news! Weymouth and Portland Borough Council have courted public opinion on the matter, and a full consultation will take place before any policy changes are finalised. Councillors knew that it would be a controversial move to get rid of such a popular scheme, and that's why the council have made every effort to listen to different opinions and carry out any changes in a fully transparent manner. If over-60's do have to pay for their deckchairs, it's been proposed that the extra revenue is used to fund swimming at Weymouth Swimming Pool and Leisure Centre for disabled local residents.

Weymouth is still a great place to live

Whatever decision is made on the free deckchairs scheme, the council will be investing money into the local community, making Weymouth an even better place to live. With a huge selection of homes for sale in Weymouth, we're the perfect people to help you relocate to this very special part of Dorset. With a picturesque harbour, a great culinary scene, lots of fantastic independent shops and a rich history, Weymouth is far more than just a beach. Whether you're experiencing it from a deckchair or on foot, there's no better place to be when the sun's shining.


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