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We all know improvements matter in a local area, and there is money being set aside at a national and regional level to ensure local authorities can positively impact communities. At Austin Property Services, we care about the local communities we serve, and we want to ensure that people know about the great things taking place in their local area.

This is why it is positive to hear that some parts of Weymouth, alongside areas of Portland, are in life to receive funding which will boost the life of residents.

Changes are coming which is great news for all

Weymouth, alongside Portland, has been highlighted as an area that has a poor standing of social mobility.

A Dorset Council report stated; “The poor ranking was primarily down to children from deprived families attending inadequately rated primary and secondary schools, poor KS2 attainment, poor ‘points score entry’ for A-Levels and the proportion of the working age population earning below the ‘real living wage’.”

Of course, the wider local area has areas which boast of a very different situation, with places such as East Dorset recognised for providing residents with larger income, a better standard of health and longer life expectancy.

“Stronger Neighbourhoods” Project lead Diane Evans is hopeful that local communities will be better engaged as we move forward, and that local people will have a greater say in what they want to see on their doorstep.

Diane Evans spoke to the Dorset Echo saying; “We want to unlock the voices which often go unheard. We are looking to build a very strong engagement with our communities and identify new ways of unlocking the potential, the knowledge and the drive that we already have in our communities. We passionately believe that finding the right solutions to these long-standing challenges and the poor outcomes required real input from those areas…we believe there is potential in our communities to meet some of their own needs and we would like to work with them, to provide whatever they need, to make that possible.”

Significant and sustainable improvements will make a difference

Weymouth West is just one of the areas which have been selected by the local council in the hope of undertaking “significant and sustainable” improvements to the local community. It is likely that work will begin early next year, with many areas tipped to see changes between January and March.

Bids totalling £17m have been submitted by Dorset Council to the Levelling Up fund, and the projects include:

  • The regeneration of Weymouth Harbourside

  • A greater level of focus on Brewers Quay, North Quay and the Peninsula

  • An Aquaculture Innovation Centre

  • Improved facilities for users of the Dorset Innovation Park

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