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We know views matter from your home, but did you know many buyers are happy to pay more when buying a house with a stunning view.

The research shows that across 23 major cities, a property with a good view is able to command an average price of £536,187. A 34% price premium when compared to comparable properties without a view (£400,865).

The review looked at over 20 cities across the UK, and found the average price of a property with a good view is £536,187. When you compare to the average price of property without such a great view, this is £400,865; which means there is an average price premium of 34% for properties with something to look at from your window!

Bournemouth made the list of cities with premiums for great views

Out of the top ten cities that had a significant premium for good views, Bournemouth caught out eye. There is a premium of 47% on properties with a good view compared to similar properties without such a good view.

Now, we know there are many properties in Bournemouth with stunning views. If you plan on selling your home, this is something to bear in mind, and it is something which should be brought to the attention of all likely buyers.

We help you connect with buyers

Of course, when you work with us in selling your home, you can be confident that we will take care of all these aspects. At Austin Property Services, we are committed to ensuring you connect with likely buyers, and that you reach your audience in the housing market.

The leading cities for great returns are:

  • Liverpool, with a 58% premium

  • Southampton, holding a 56% premium

  • Portsmouth, where there is a 48% premium

  • Newcastle, with a 47% premium, which is also held by Bournemouth

  • Leeds has a 46% premium

  • Bradford carries a 45% premium Glasgow holds a 42% premium

Colby Short is a trusted name in the UK property market, and he spoke to Property Reporter, saying; “Not only do good views give homes a special and unique factor that others cannot replicate, Britain’s strict planning codes mean that they are increasingly unlikely to be spoiled by new developments, thus protecting the good view premium regardless of what’s going on in the housing market. As such, buyers will often go above and beyond to secure a home with a good view and this often means paying far more than they may have for another similar property. It’s no surprise to see so many coastal locations ranking amongst some of the highest premiums paid for a home with a view. Our obsession with the sea makes it one of the most desirable views you can find from the comfort of your own home.”

Colby Short also said; “If you own a home with a view, you hold a rare and winning hand that will reward you whenever you choose to play it. But the view still has to be the icing on an all-around appealing cake. So when it comes to selling, make sure to showcase your home at its very best and utilise a good local estate agent, who will be able to sell your home to its fullest potential.”

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