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We know many people are looking to move home in 2022, and if you are, there is a lot you need to think about. The leading priority is likely to be finding a suitable place you can afford, but you also need to think about other factors.

If you intend on getting around a lot, you need to think of transport hubs and connections. If you have a young family, you need to give serious thought to the standard and availability of local schools.

However, you should also think about finding a nice place to live.

More and more people are keen to find a home where they feel settled and relaxed. At Austin Property Services, we cover a lot of local housing markets.

We believe Dorchester is a good place to live, and if you are thinking about moving here, we are more than happy to assist you.

Dorchester has a great deal to offer

You can take your pick of the many reasons people love life in Dorchester. There is a relaxed pace of life, there are stunning beaches, and if you are looking for a sunny setting, this is the place for you.

Dorchester enjoys around 364 hours more sunshine than the English average, so why wouldn’t you consider moving here!

If you enjoy walking, and taking in some beautiful and historical buildings, you will be in your element.

Dorchester is well-connected, and some people commute regularly to London, but you’ll find this is a destination that allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

How are house prices in Dorchester faring?

According to Rightmove as we move into 2022, Dorchester house prices are as follows;

Properties in Dorchester had an overall average price of £328,870 over the last year.

The majority of sales in Dorchester during the last year were flats, selling for an average price of £216,385. Terraced properties sold for an average of £342,444, with detached properties fetching £482,198.

Overall, sold prices in Dorchester over the last year were 3% up on the previous year and 8% up on the 2018 peak of £304,501.”

It is interesting to know there was a modest rise in property sold prices in Dorchester over the past year. Some parts of the local area have seen larger increases, and of course, house prices in general have increased.

There is demand for Dorchester property

It is fair to say there are many reasons for this price increase when it comes to homes, but the demand for property is a crucial factor.

The demand is greater than the supply of property, which inevitably leads to a rise in property prices. If you are considering selling your Dorchester home, get in touch, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

We know there are many buyers in and around Dorchester looking for property like yours, and we will be more than happy to connect you.

Contact Austin Property Services for all your Dorchester housing market needs

We know many people have questions and queries right now, and we are here to help as best we can. Please get in touch with Austin Property Services if there is anything, we can assist you with. You can call us on 01305 858470 or you can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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