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Zoopla provides the following key takeaways for this topic:

  • During the pandemic, 41% of British homeowners adapted their home to suit their changing needs, sacrificing around 8.8m bedrooms in the process
  • In their place nearly five million new home offices have been created, alongside over one million home gyms
  • The average household spent £3,714 adapting their home during the pandemic - that’s a national total of approximately £36.5 billion
  • Nearly 7 in 10 think employers should contribute to the cost of home offices, but only 30% have

There is no denying the increase of remote working led to a significant change to how people used their home. Anyone who had a spare bedroom was likely to turn this space into an area of work, and unless their personal needs change, there will be no need to change this back.

The impact of gyms being closed during the lockdown periods was also a significant factor for many households. Again, if there was a bedroom lying spare, it makes sense that homeowners would be proactive in setting up a place that is of benefit to them as opposed to lying around doing nothing.

Bedrooms reign supreme with property searches

In the long-term though, and especially when the time comes to sell your home, it is easy to see that the bedroom remains supreme when it comes to property listings, and what buyers are looking for.

One of the leading search components on property portals is the number of bedrooms. For simplicity’s sake, this isn’t going to change to number of bedrooms, home offices and gyms, it will remain focused on bedrooms.

Therefore, buyers will search for the number of bedrooms they need, and sellers should list their home in a way that meets what buyers are looking for.

Present your home to connect with buyers

Depending on the nature of your home and who is looking for property, there might be scope to be more flexible when it comes to present the property. If it is possible to present a combined bedroom and office space, or a place where there is a bed but also space for a workout area, it could be done.

However, if the buyer is looking for a bedroom, it is best to present this to them.

At Austin Property Services, we are committed to helping homeowners who are looking to sell connect with buyers. We know what buyers look for in and around Weymouth, and we are more than happy to help you connect with them.

To start the sales process in confidence, why not arrange a property valuation, and we’ll get you started with selling your home.

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