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The local housing market must meet the needs of many people and households. At Austin Property Services, we are pleased to serve the local community, and we understand the importance of housing for people of all ages, backgrounds and financial levels.

So, when plans relating to affordable housing in the local area change, we take an interest.

Weymouth needs more homes

The initial plan, agreed in August 2020, included 13 houses and six flats. These properties are scheduled for Roman Road and Spa Road. The initial plan included six affordable units, and these units would have a 30% discount.

However, after a change in developer, the initial application has been updated. The affordable units are set to have a 20% discount.

As you would expect, this hasn’t been well received in many quarters, including amongst local councillors.

Radipole councillor David Gray said; “Councillor Pete Barrow and I have for some time fought against the changes in the development plans. It is a great example of trying to maximise profit at the expense of affordable homes when we all know the issues in Weymouth and Portland for housing.”

The councillor is at pains to admit that affordable housing doesn’t always resolve housing issues, and that there is a need to look at many options in improving the local housing market.

There is a need for a wide range of properties across Weymouth

At Austin Property Services, we are estate agent specialists in Weymouth, and we understand there is a diverse range of needs and expectations for homes in the local market. There is always a need to provide some form of affordable housing, and this is the sort of thing that local councillors should focus on.

The councillor accepts that affordable homes are not always the answer to solving issues regarding housing but says they do offer some help.

David Gray spoke on this matter, by saying; “I acknowledge that the affordable homes scheme is not always necessarily the solution but it does offer a slight relief for people getting on the property ladder. I do understand the need for profit but we need to consider social mobility issues. All we want is for the original planning application to stay because we are desperate for affordable homes.”

The Councillor has received backing from another local councillor, Peter Barrow, and these two are likely to lead objections against new proposals.

There have been discussions in the past, and a company representing the site developers have engaged Dorset Council. The claim is that the developers have “exhausted all other options” before making this application.

Brett Spiller of Chapman Lily Planning spoke on the matter, saying; “The technical challenges presented by the site, combined with a general rise in build costs (materials and labour) has affected the site's overall economic viability. Consequently, the site does not generate suitable incentives for the parties to bring the site forward for development in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework.”

If you want to make an informed decision in the Weymouth housing market, it is best to stay in touch with experts who know the market well. We are local housing market specialists who connect with buyers and vendors each day.

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