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The Boxing Day Bounce

While most sane people would suggest it is too early to be excited by Christmas, you can see why a lot of people are planning ahead for the festive period. When you have a lot to organise, it makes sense to take care of everything you need as soon as you can. Preparing certain things in November allows you the chance to save money while also ensuring you minimise the risk of forgetting something or leaving yourself open to some last minute surprises.

However, with such a lengthy build-up, you can see why a lot of people like to rest just after Christmas. The period of time between Christmas and New Year is the ideal time to sit back, relax and watch some movies or TV shows. Of course, there are always some people who like to be active and this means that as soon as Christmas is over and done with, there is a focus on being ready for the New Year. It has been shown that this is a very popular time of year for people to look for a new home online, and this has been classed as The Boxing Day Bounce.

People look for homes at this time of year

The Boxing Day Bounce really took hold when statistics for the 2015 festive period were made public. Rightmove claimed that one million people visited their site on Christmas Day and then even more people were found on the site on Boxing Day. By the time the first full working day of 2016 was upon us, the Rightmove site welcomed close to three million people on to its site on that day alone.

This is all the indication you need to know that people are keen to look for property at this time of year. This year is unlikely to be any different and many people who are looking to move home in 2018 will try and get a head-start just before the end of 2017.

Some sellers don’t want to be listed at Christmas

This should be all the incentive you need to place your home on the market in time for this demand, but there is a further reason you should list your property over the festive period. It is fair to say that many people will decide against placing their home on the market at this time of year as they want to focus on Christmas. That is a great idea but equally, when there are buyers looking for homes, you want your home to be seen.

The combination of having people who want to buy homes and some homeowners not looking to sell their home means that you can improve your chances of being seen. Increased demand and a smaller level of supply can only make it more likely that potential buyers will find your property so make sure that you and your home are in position to benefit from The Boxing Day Bounce.

If you are serious about selling your home in 2018, give yourself the best chance of success. You should look to ensure that your home is on the market in time for the festive period and you should call on Austin Property Services for support and guidance.

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