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Rental park holiday homes

Something which Weymouth can offer that you won’t find in every town or city are rental park holiday homes. These are very affordable options, which while being small, can provide people with a place they call home in a delightful area. This may not be the sort of property for a growing family but there will be times and circumstances in people’s lives when this may be of interest.

Retirement homes

Another aspect about Weymouth life is that many elderly people come to enjoy the benefits of seaside living. There is a lot to be said for spending your golden years in a relaxed and stylish environment and of course, living by the sea can provide health benefits. There are some retirement homes in Weymouth which allow people the chance to buy property while having support and assistance on hand.

This can provide an element of confidence to home ownership and many of these retirement homes are located close to the seafront, allowing for a great amount of convenience.

Flats and apartments

It is natural that there will be a focus on the elder generation when it comes to Weymouth life, but there are still young professionals and young families in the area. This means that flats and apartments have a fantastic appeal for many potential buyers in Weymouth and developers have tapped into a market that are looking for convenient flats close to key areas in the town.

These properties are also of great interest to the landlords and investors due to their appeal in the rental market in Weymouth.

New builds

Given the high level of interest and demand for property in Weymouth, it is no surprise that there have been many new build developments of late. This is something that shows the level of interest and demand for a local area, and it should be seen as a positive thing for the whole community.

Detached and semi-detached options

These may represent the more traditional aspect of Weymouth life, but the detached and semi-detached options dotted around the home are attractive and ideal for families in the area.

It is natural that many people will be drawn to the area around and off the Esplanade, but there is a good range of attractive properties in this part of town. With Victorian and Regency villas and a selection of town houses, this is a fine place to start when you are looking for stylish property in Weymouth. Another area where you will find town houses and Victorian villas is Melcombe Regis while anyone looking for a quieter pace of life will find that Wyke Regis has what they are looking for.

You may be surprised at how much Weymouth has to offer, and this means you will benefit from a helping hand when looking at the property market. With this in mind, come and speak to Austin Property Services and we will do what we can to help you find your ideal home.

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