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Many factors to consider with property market

It is one way to look at the market, but of course, there are several flaws with this way of thinking. If every homeowner decides that the 17th of March is the best date to list a property, the market will become extremely crowded at this time, which could make it difficult for many homes to be seen by prospective buyers.

There is also the fact that 96 days is only the national average. Certain parts of the country have a lower average time to sell property and some parts of the country have a longer average period. If you were going to follow this prediction, you would need to find the average time for your area and use that as your basis.

Average time is a good starting point but no more when selling homes

Of course, the average time it takes to sell a property is just that, an average time. There is no indication that your home will comply with the average and if the market is being manipulated with more properties being placed on the market for a specific date, it is likely that the average figures will be impacted on.

There is certainly no harm in considering this date for placing your property on the market. If your property is ready to be listed, it is as good a date as any, but you shouldn’t believe that this is a magical date that will help you sell your home.

It is much better to focus on the essentials rather than gimmicks and at Austin Property Services, we have you covered. If you are looking to sell your home in or around Weymouth, we are here to help, so get in touch.

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