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Changes are coming in the property market

This will be a big step forward from the current process where anyone making a complaint must find the right body to assist them. Currently, the three schemes are:

  • The Property Ombudsman
  • Ombudsman Services Property
  • The Property Redress Scheme

Comparisons are regularly made with the financial market where there is a single body where complaints can be raised. However, with the property market, there are three different bodies and they have separate remits. If you are keen to raise a complaint about building surveying work, you can contact the Ombudsman Service Property, but the Property Ombudsman will not be able to assist you.

Many people with genuine complaints have found the process to be too confusing and time consuming to progress and have often abandoned their claim. This doesn’t mean that people are satisfied with the service they receive, it just means that they don’t have the energy or desire to pursue the compliant in the current manner.

Opinions are welcomed on the new scheme

The Government is looking for opinions on this matter and homeowners, tenants and landlords have been requested to fill in an online form, before the 6th of April 2018, to share their thoughts.

As an estate agent, we know that it is important for clients to feel as though they have a body they can complain to. We aim to provide a high standard of service at all times but there is a level of confidence to be found in knowing that there is a recognised path to follow if you are not happy. Given that estate agents need to be a member of one of the listed redress schemes, this is an area that the industry is aware of, but anything which streamlines the process should be welcomed.

If you have ever received poor service in the housing sector, you know how frustrating it can be to resolve the issue. Hopefully this is coming to an end and there will be a more reliable way for tenants, homeowners and landlords to resolve issues. Also, if you want to find an estate agent who listens to you and always sets out to offer a high standard of service, contact Austin Property Services.

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