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Top Six Easy Wins

  1. Remove your personality and personal effects from every room
  2. Declutter your home as comprehensively as possible
  3. Clean your home to the highest possible standard
  4. Pay special attention to your windows, ensuring they are gleaming
  5. Carry out all repair work around the home
  6. Tidy up the garden

It would be fair to say that these tips are all common sense and hopefully you will have them in mind when you are looking to sell your home or make your property seem more attractive. There is no denying that cleanliness and creating as much space as possible are the factors that grab people’s attention and ensures they retain an interest.

You want to remove doubt from prospective buyers

In all honesty, the truth probably lies in the opposite of this. A buyer that sees a cramped, untidy and dirty house will likely form a negative impression of the home. It can be hard to visualise how stylish or welcoming a home can be if it is in poor condition, so most of the tips relating to increasing value of a property are aimed at removing the negative thoughts that can spring to people’s mind.

Utilise storage options to increase value of your home

Improving storage is a hugely important task when it comes to making your home more appealing and to increase its value. There are affordable storage solutions on offer that you can add to your home and you should even consider placing items into a storage facility if you have the time and budget. There are affordable storage options in most major towns and cities and given the importance of decluttering property, you can make a massive difference to what a prospective buyer feels about your home by taking this additional step.

If you are looking to sell your home, or you are interested in a property valuation, get in touch with Austin Property Services. We are delighted to say that we have assisted many property owners with their property aims and ambitions. Whether you are looking to sell or you are just curious about the value your house holds, we are the local property specialists will help you find what you are looking for, so please get in touch.

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