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One thing you should bear in mind when you head off on summer holiday is minimising the amount of people that know your home is empty. Social media is a fantastic way to communicate with friends and family members but depending on your privacy settings, you may find that more people see your posts than you would like. Therefore, while airport bar pictures and poolside snaps may be great to make your friends jealous and let your family know you are having a brilliant time, they may act as an invitation to local burglars.

Keep your home safe when you are away on holiday

No one is saying that you shouldn’t share holiday pictures on social media but review your privacy settings and perhaps keep the pictures to a minimum.

Similarly, if you have any items delivered to your door daily or regularly, make sure that these are cancelled for the duration of your trip. If a pile of milk bottles or newspapers starts to collect at your front door, it sends out a signal that you are not home. You will also be wasting money, which you should look to avoid, but the potential safety issues associated with items piling up at your front door should be avoided as best as you can.

Review the common points of entry at your property

When it comes to entry points for your home, you will find that doors and windows are the most common points for a burglar to enter your property. You should review these areas before you go and if you are not happy with their condition, make improvements. If you would like to add extra security, you can buy additional locks at a fair price, which should ensure that you can go on holiday in comfort.

If it is possible, ask someone to pop into your home when you are away. This ensures someone checks on the condition of your property and they can make changes that create the impression that someone is at home. Sometimes the illusion of someone being in the property is all you need to create to prevent opportunistic burglars from breaking into the property.

If this isn’t possible, there are ways in which you can create the impression of someone being at home. You can add timer switches that turn lights on at a set time or you can install switches that react to the level of daylight outside of the home. This will ensure that you have lights on in the evening when it is dark, and this will hopefully dissuade any would-be robber or burglar from attacking your home.

At Austin Property Services, we care for you and your home. If you are going away this summer, enjoy yourself but make sure you follow these tips to keep your property safe.

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