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Some buyers are desperate to move into new property

It is good to see buyers so keen to conclude deals and you’ll find that many sellers would snap up an offer like some of these:

  • A buyer attending the house for sale with the full deposit in cash
  • A buyer stating, they would not only buy the house, they would also buy the property owner’s Porsche which was on the market
  • A buyer offering to take the homeowner away for a spa weekend at a country mansion if their offer was accepted
  • A buyer attending the property with the full asking price in cash which was stored in a shopping trolley
  • A buyer, who was also a gardener, offering to provide the homeowner with two years’ worth of landscaping services, free of charge, at their new home
  • A buyer who was willing to pay a full years’ rent for the homeowner if they moved out and sold up immediately

It should be noted that this isn’t the norm for property deals and quite often you find that buyers are much less reluctant to make a massive offer on a property. It does show that some homes are in high demand though and Mark Hayward, who is the Chief Executive of NAEA Propertymark, released a statement saying; “We hear many bizarre stories about buyers trying to woo sellers in a desperate bid to secure the deal, but this is something that can be easily avoided. Experienced agents will anticipate any issues that could arise and prevent potential buyers from having to go to these extremes to secure an offer on their dream home.”

Make your property as appealing as possible

It is fair to say that some buyers are under severe pressure to buy property. This can lead to people making big decisions and outlandish offers. This isn’t the case for most property transactions, but there are ways in which you can make your home as appealing as possible, which should help pique buyers’ interests.

We cannot promise that you will receive offers like this when you hire us to sell your home, but we will do everything we can to sell your home quickly and effectively. At Austin Property Services, we are skilled and experienced agents who are committed to helping you make your next property move in an effective manner. No matter where or when you are looking to move, contact the local property specialists and we will help you reach out to the ideal audience.

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