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This means that people go through a lot of changes in a short period, which means that the easier you make the process for the buyer, the more disposed they will be to you. If the buyer is coming to your area for the job, they may not know what your local area has to offer, and this is where you have an opportunity to sell your home by selling the local neighbourhood. If there are many positive reasons to live in your local area, make sure that prospective buyers know what is on offer.

23% of movers buy a new home because of a new job

The survey was carried out by the AA and they said that 23% of respondents said they buy a new home because of a new job. When the same survey was undertaken three months ago, the percentage of people saying they moved home because of a new job was 17%, so this is an increase from earlier in the year.

12% of respondents said they wanted to move to a new area and 11% of respondents said they didn’t like where they used to say, so moving seemed like a good idea. All these responses indicate that people are looking for a new area and that they want to try something different. By promoting the local community, you have a chance to make your home seem like the natural choice for a prospective buyer, so you could increase the chances of selling your home by providing guidance to prospective buyers.

There are many reasons why people move home

10% of respondents said they were moving to be located closer to their family and 10% of respondents said they were moving to experience a different lifestyle, such as moving to the country. 7% of respondents said that they downsizing while 4% of respondents said that their move was connected to a marriage or divorce. There were also 3% of respondents who said that their move was to assist them make money, which is as good a reason to move as any in the current climate.

All this information about buyers and their motivation for moving can help you connect with a prospective buyer or present your home in the most appropriate manner. At Austin Property Services, we take great pride in knowing the local market, and we know what buyers are looking for. This knowledge helps us bring buyers and sellers together and if you’re looking to sell, we are confident we can help you make the most informed decisions, so get in touch.

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