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At Austin Property Services, we are very proud to say that we have helped many Bournemouth vendors sell their home, and a large part of the work we do is making sure that your home appeals to buyers.

Our work in this area has helped us develop an understanding of what buyers are keen to see. We also pay attention to research and findings in the market. A combination of our own knowledge developed through anecdotal awareness in the market and research from respected sources helps us to help you present your home in the best manner.

There was a very interesting study undertaken on prospective buyers viewing property. The property guests were presented with eye-tracking goggles, and this recorded what prospective buyers were looking at as they make their way through a home. The findings provided a few surprises, and if you are looking to appeal to prospective buyers, knowing what buyers are looking at as they move through a property is of value.

Buyers will closely review your windows

Given that 95% of viewers made their way to the window, this should be recognised as an important feature in every single room. However, there are many reasons why many people would have an interest in a window. For some, it is the view available outside of the window that is the key attraction. There may not be a lot that a homeowner can do to enhance the view from a window but if you are lucky enough to have a pleasant view from your window, try to maximise the return from it.

For many prospective buyers, the condition of the window is the most important feature. A window that is in excellent condition is likely to be properly insulated, and this is an outcome that all vendors want to offer. A well-insulated home makes the property feel more comfortable, it helps to make the home more energy efficient and it can save money on energy bills.

Give the rising cost of energy bills, it is only natural that prospective buyers want to find a home that will lower their monthly expenditure, and if your windows are well-insulated, you have a much better chance of making a positive impression on a prospective buyer.

There is also the fact that windows are important when it comes to security. A window is one of the most common points of entry when it comes to break-ins, so you want to make sure that your window is as strong and as robust as possible.

Buyers are looking at storage spaces

The study also found that nearly 80% of prospective buyers spent a notable time looking at storage spaces in a home. Don’t be tempted to cram these spaces with household items to make more room around the home. This may provide you with an initial benefit but by the time prospective buyers examine the cupboards or wardrobes, if they are filled or messy, you will create a bad impression.

It may be that hiring storage space is of benefit when you present your home to buyers.

Ceilings are of greater interest than floors to prospective buyers

While there is a lot of focus on floors and flooring, the eye-tracking results suggested that prospective buyers spend more time looking at the ceiling. Make sure your ceiling is clean and in excellent condition.

When it comes to selling your home in Bournemouth, you need to make sure that you give prospective buyers what they are looking for. At Austin Property Services, we have the skills and expertise to ensure you make a great connection, so get in touch.

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