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If you know someone who is looking to sell their home, you will know that this person is undergoing a trying time. It is important to support vendors during this difficult period and it may be that a festive gift can also provide them with support in selling their home. At Austin Property Services, we have helped many vendors sell their home and we know the sort of gift that can improve the process while letting someone know that you care about them.

If you know someone that is selling their home, this may be the only time that cleaning products or equipment may be acceptable to give as a present! When selling a home, it is vital to make the house as clean as possible, so a gift that aids with the cleaning process would be very welcome. A vacuum cleaner is unlikely to be a very festive gift, but it is a highly practical one, and it may help vendors make a vital impression.

Create a great atmosphere in the home

While the appearance of the home is important when impressing prospective buyers, it is important to not overlook all of the senses. Viewers and prospective buyers form an opinion on a home in many ways, and the atmosphere created is made up of sights, sounds and smells. There have been studies which suggest that the smells experienced by a guest strongly impact on how they perceive a home, so what could be a better gift than candles?

Scented candles help to create an atmosphere at home that influences what people think about the property. There is also the fact that a modern trend is cosier and more comfortable lighting, which candles can help to create. Candles are a welcome gift for most people at any time but when the recipient is looking to sell their home, a candle offers a range of benefits making it an opportune gift.

Create space at home

Another issue that is hugely important when it comes to selling property is storage space. Vendors need to create as much space as possible when presenting a home to a market, and this means homeowners need to find storage space. Therefore, a stylish yet functional storage solution may be the perfect gift that shows you care and making the home more appealing.

Of course, you may wish to give a gift that acknowledges how stressful selling a home can be. There are many products on offer which will help the recipient to unwind and relax at home. Bath products, spa treatments or anything which takes people’s minds off the house selling process would be a welcome distraction and much-appreciated gift.

At Austin Property Services, we know how difficult selling a house can be, and we know that vendors are looking for support and assistance. If you’re looking to help someone sell their home, tell them to contact us and we will do everything we can to assist you or the vendor.


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