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Follow these tips to attract buyers to your home

  1. Have your property valued by an expert
  2. Have professional images taken of your property
  3. Promote the local area
  4. Be proactive in promoting the property
  5. Hire a local estate agent with experience

Have your property valued by an expert

One of the most important aspects of attracting initial attention for a property is the price. Each buyer will have a budget in mind and if your home is priced above this budget, these buyers will not be interested in your home.

If the price set for your home is too high, you may be missing out on connecting with likely buyers. It is best to place an accurate price on your property, and calling on an expert for a valuation makes sense. With a proper valuation, you can make a more informed decision on the price you set for your home, and this will help you to attract more prospective buyers.

Have professional images taken of your property

Great quality images stop prospective buyers in their tracks. With online property portals placing a lot of homes in competition against each other, it is vital that you give people a reason to stop and view your property.

Professionally staged, well-lit and posed images showcase your home in the best light, and these are the images that attract attention to your home.

Promote the local area

In addition to selling your home, you should promote the local area. This is important because some buyers may need to be persuaded on the merits of the area your home is in. As a resident, you will have insight that isn’t always offered online, and this means you have a chance to make a case for people moving to your area.

Be proactive in promoting the property

If buyers aren’t attracted to your home, it may be that they are unaware of your home being on the market. There is a need to be proactive when it comes to promoting your home, and vendors should take to social media in order to promote their property.

Regular social media updates help reach a wider audience and many people have sold their home due to interest developed on social media.

Hire a local estate agent with experience

If you are struggling to generate interest in your home, it may be because your estate agent isn’t doing enough work on your behalf. The right estate agent makes a massive difference when it comes to selling homes and attracting buyers, so choose an agent with considerable local knowledge.

At Austin Property Services, we are pleased to say we have helped many local vendors sell their home and we look forward to assisting you.


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