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Unless someone has a specific home or location in mind, it is worth considering a range of options when looking at property. The more you limit yourself, the harder it can be to find a suitable property, and at Austin Property Services, we are happy to help you explore as many options as you can, because we are here to help you find your ideal home or the property that meets your needs.

We are more than happy to provide you with assistance or guidance in Bournemouth and Poole. These are two areas which are known for glorious beaches and a relaxed pace of life, making them ideal for many people. The fact that Bournemouth Beach has just been named the best beach in the United Kingdom and the fifth best beach in the whole of Europe by TripAdvisor says a lot about the quality of local life. This accolade, awarded in February of 2018, is just one of the many reasons why Bournemouth and Poole should be on your radar when you are looking for property.

Bournemouth offers affordable property in a stylish area

The average value of property in Bournemouth, as of February 2018 and according to Zoopla, stands at £298,033. Over the past 12 months, the average price paid for property in Bournemouth stands at £282,805. While this is interesting information and a good starting point for considering the Bournemouth property market, the diverse types of property on offer invites a closer close:

  • Average price paid for flats: £213,209
  • Average price paid for terraced properties: £258,839
  • Average price paid for semi-detached properties: £273,314
  • Average price paid for detached properties: £393,501

Property prices are hugely important these days but anyone looking to buy to let should also consider the expected rental yield. According to the rentalyield website, the expected rental yield for a one-bedroom property in the BH1 postcode area is 6.58% and for a two-bedroom property, the expected rental yield is 5.08%. With the expected return for a three-bedroom property being 4.72%, a four-bedroom property offering a return of 3.95% and a five-bedroom property offering a return of 4.18%, there is a lot to be said for considering the town centre of Bournemouth as a location to buy property to let.

With many investment specialists suggesting that a return of 4% is a good starting point for an investment, the expected yields associated with property in BH1 should be of interest.

Poole provides a great return on property investments

With less than 6 miles between Bournemouth and Poole, it makes sense to consider the property options available in Poole too. The average value, stated by Zoopla as of February 2018, stands at £360,141 and in the past 12 months, the average price paid for Poole property stands at £343,158. Breaking the average price into the separate property types available in Poole presents:

  • Average price paid for flats: £275,077
  • Average price paid for terraced properties: £264,928
  • Average price paid for semi-detached properties: £284,284
  • Average price paid for detached properties: £461,692

In all the individual property types, and the average price for the area, Poole is more expensive than Bournemouth. Of course, there are many distinct aspects to consider when examining property and a more expensive property can still offer better value for money, depending on what you are looking for. There will be prospective buyers who are more than happy to pay the higher prices associated with Poole because of the benefits and amenities associated with the local area.

For landlords and investors, the town centre of Poole offers attractive yields, and this may be an area worth exploring with respect to buy to let. A one-bedroom property offers a return of 6.31%, a two-bedroom property provides an expected rental yield of 5.24% and a three-bedroom property provides a return of 5.08%. With a four and five-bedroom property, the expected rental yields are 4.14% and 4.45%.

All these returns are in line with respectable yields on an investment, and there is a lot to recommend about Poole for any landlord or investor.

No matter what your aims or ambitions are with respect to Bournemouth and Poole property, it makes sense to call on the support and guidance of specialists. At Austin Property Services, we know Bournemouth and Poole very well, and we look forward to helping you make your next move.

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