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Properties For Sale: What Weymouth Has To Offer

Found on the River Wey on the English Channel coast, Weymouth is a seaside town in Dorset that lies 7 miles from Dorchester. However, Weymouth has plenty to offer in its own right and it is easy to see why so many people are keen to explore the property market in this part of England.

As of November 2017, according to Zoopla statistics, the average value of property in Weymouth stands at £270,342 while the average price paid for Weymouth property in the past 12 months is £247,967. To provide these figures with some form of context, the average value of Dorset property is £340,371 and the average price paid for property in Dorset, in the past 12 months, stands at £315,983. With Weymouth offering an average price that is more than £65,000 cheaper than the Dorset average, is it any wonder many people are happy to explore what property Weymouth has to offer.

Weymouth offers a range of properties

From one bedroom flats all the way through to penthouse properties on the beach and five bedroom homes that are on the market for more than £1m, there is a lot more to Weymouth than you would probably imagine. Yes, Weymouth is a seaside town but there is a lot to enjoy about local life and it is the third largest settlement in the whole of Dorset, coming in behind Bournemouth and Poole. Over 50,000 people live in Weymouth and given the demand for property, it is fair to say that many more people enjoy what Weymouth has to offer.

There is a variety to life in Weymouth that is suitable for people and families of all ages. It would be a cliché to say that a seaside town resort is the ideal place for pensioners to move to in order to see out their golden years in comfort and style, but this is definitely the case.

Who is living in Weymouth?

There is a broad range of people living in Weymouth, with the demographic spread for ages being:

  • 0 to 17 years old make up 18.6% of the Weymouth population
  • 18 to 29 years old make up 12.5% of the Weymouth population
  • 30 to 59 years old make up 37.9% of the Weymouth population
  • 60 to 84 years old make up 27.4% of the Weymouth population
  • People aged 85 or over make up 3.3% of the Weymouth population

In England as a whole, the 60 to 84 year old group makes up 20.09% of the population while the 30 to 59 bracket makes up 40.02% of the population. This suggests that as a proportion, Weymouth has a population that has more elderly residents than England as a whole, which backs up the feelings about elderly people moving to the area. Then again, statistics don’t always tell the full story and it may be that the bracing sea air and a good quality of life helps elderly residents of Weymouth to live for longer!

There are many attractive one and two bedroom homes in the area but in recent times, perhaps with sensible downsizing in mind, the elder generation have been more inclined to move into flats that offer a fantastic location with a sea view.

As you get older and need less space, and you want to use money more effectively, there is a great deal to be said for having a compact home that still meets your needs but is more about the location and convenience of life. There is no shortage of bungalows and semi-detached properties which may be the more conventional option for someone looking to wind down but in Weymouth, flats are popular with all potential buyers. Given that new developments are taking place, increasing the number of flats in prominent positions in Weymouth, there should be plenty of options for people to enjoy.

With the standard train journey time between Weymouth and London Waterloo Station being three hours, there is no chance of Weymouth being seen as a suitable destination for commuters. In its own way though, this is a good thing, meaning the town has a population of people looking to support their local community as opposed to just being a convenient and affordable stopping point.

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