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Moving home is an exciting time, but it can be an expensive time. There is a lot of costs that people know of, but there are also some costs which some people forget about or overlook.

If you are keen to gain insight into how the housing market is performing, there is a lot to be said for looking at the mortgage market. If there are many people applying for mortgages, and mortgages being accepted, it is likely that many people will placing offers on homes, and that there will be many property market transactions.

Sometimes in life there are steps which help you in the short and long-term.

It is fair to say the impact of the pandemic has impacted a great number of people and what matters to them, and around them. There has been significant impact on the housing market, with many prospective buyers re-evaluating what matters to them when it comes to their property.

As we move into autumn and then winter, it is natural people will look for ways in which they can keep their home warm and cosy. This is a move which brings short and long-term benefits, and if you make the right improvements, you can add considerable value to your property.

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