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At Austin Property Services, we know many things have impacted buyer behaviour and demand in recent times. However, few things have affected the market as much as remote working, and the need for dependable broadband connectivity.

Anyone who is looking to move home in 2022 has a lot to consider. You need to focus on your budget, and what you can afford to buy. You should also consider elements such as transport hubs, and if you have a family, you need to consider the standard and availability of local schools.

However, at Austin Property Services, we think people need to focus on other matters too. It is crucial you feel at home in your surroundings, and this is why you need to find a nice place to live.

We believe Bridport is a good place to live, and we are not alone in believing this.

Bridport is recognised as a good place to live

On more than one occasion, Bridport has ranked extremely highly on the Sunday Times list of the best places to live in Britain.

The evaluation process for the list considers a wide range of factors including jobs and the local economy, schools, broadband speed, local shops, the sense of community spirit, and even the level of culture on offer in the local area.

The fact that Bridport consistently scores well in this analysis is a great endorsement of the local area.

How are house prices in Bridport faring?

According to Rightmove, as we make our way into 2022, house prices in Bridport are as follows;

Properties in Bridport had an overall average price of £323,214 over the last year.

The majority of sales in Bridport during the last year were detached properties, selling for an average price of £448,275. Terraced properties sold for an average of £268,738, with flats fetching £182,242.

Overall, sold prices in Bridport over the last year were 13% up on the previous year and 11% up on the 2018 peak of £290,909.”

As you will see from the above information, there has been a considerable increase in house prices in Bridport in the past year.

This shouldn’t be too much of a shock, as prices have risen across the country, although a 13% rise is notable.

There is high demand for property in Bridport

One of the most significant reasons there has been a rise in house prices is because the supply of homes cannot keep up with the demand for property.

This has been the case for property in Bridport, and we know there are many willing buyers looking for homes in the area.

If you are considering selling your home in the local area, we will be more than happy to assist you. We have considerable experience and expertise in connecting with local buyers, and we look forward to assisting you as best we can.

Contact Austin Property Services for all your Bridport housing market needs

We know many people have questions and queries right now, and we are here to help as best we can. Please get in touch with Austin Property Services if there is anything, we can assist you with. You can call us on 01305 858470 or you can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you are looking to make a move in 2022, it is likely you are weighing up your options. There is a lot to consider when moving home.

We know many people are looking to move home in 2022, and if you are, there are many things you need to take on board.

If you are keen to make a move in the 2022 property market, there is a lot you need to consider. It makes sense to consider your budget for moving, and what homes you can afford in that budget range. You also need to consider aspects such as transport options, and if you have a young family, you will need to consider schooling options.

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