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As first-time buyers make up more than half the buyers in the UK property market, it is important this group has a chance to step onto the property ladder. This isn’t just the case for buyers, vendors are also affected by what happens to these buyers. If there isn’t enough first-time buyers stepping onto the market, selling homes becomes a harder challenge.

At Austin Property Services, we like to think there is no such thing as the average home. We take the time to get to know each client, what they are looking to achieve, and what their home is like. We can provide you with an accurate property valuation, and if you need any assistance in selling your home, we are on hand to assist you.

Given political uncertainty has been cited as a key factor in the slow-moving nature of the property market in recent times, it is no surprise to see there has been a surge in home enquiries at the start of 2020. Whatever you think of the Government, they hold a sizable majority, and this should ensure there is political stability in then future. Brexit is still likely to be an influencing factor, and the March Budget will shape buyer behaviour, but there is more stability now than there was before.

We are now into February 2020 and Brexit Day has arisen. More than three and a half years have passed since the UK public voted to exit the European Union. In the intervening period, the housing market has stalled, and the political uncertainty has been cited as a major factor.

Statistics may be boring for some people, but they are vital in many industries. The housing market pays close attention to figures, and how current performances match up with previous periods. There is a hope that by analysing what is happening now and what has happened in the past, it becomes easier to predict what will happen in the future.

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