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If you have spare time right now, and you are looking to be as productive as you can, there is a lot of work you can do. There is no need to be doing something all the time, there is nothing wrong with relaxing, but it is likely you will want to be active at times.

With a significant increase in people working from home right now, it is of interest to see how other people are responding and reacting to change. It is likely many people are now getting used to working from home. The novelty of this process has worn off, and people are contemplating that this might become the new normal for how we work.

When people have spare time at home, it is inevitable they will look for tasks and projects. Most people want to keep themselves busy, but they also want to ensure their home looks and feels great. Therefore, DIY work is very popular at the moment, helping people to feel as though they have a purpose during the lockdown.

It is fair to say anyone who has access to a garden has been spending a lot of time there of late. Even if there are changes to lockdown restrictions in the next few weeks, there is a strong chance many people will be keen to stay as close to their property as they can.

It is fair to say moving home soon is not a top priority for most people right now. In times of uncertainty, which this certainly is, house moves tail off. This is perfectly understandable. Buying a home is a considerable commitment, and while there are no guarantees in life, people like to feel confident about what is going to happen.

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