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Recent figures provided by Rightmove suggest a rise in the price of homes coming on to the market. It is vital vendors set an appropriate price for properties coming on to the property market, because if they fail to do so, they run the risk of not connecting with potential buyers. Setting too high a price can limit the number of likely buyers, and setting too low a price can generate interest, but lowers the amount of money the vendor receives.

In the property market, as with life, confidence is everything. When there is confidence in the market, buyers and vendors are more likely to be active in the property market. Therefore, the recent survey carried out by Zoopla, which leaves the organisation stating market confidence is at a three-year high is positive news for everyone.

We know selling your first home is a daunting task, and it can be an emotional time too. It is perfectly natural for homeowners to grow attached to their very first home, and saying goodbye can be difficult. However, if you are moving onwards and upwards to greater things, it is imperative you make changes, and this is why we are here to offer more tips for first-time vendors.

There is an awful lot of guidance for first-time buyers, but not a lot for first-time vendors. Arranging a mortgage is a stressful activity, so it is easy to see why there is assistance on offer for people dealing with that issue for the first time. However, selling your home isn’t always straightforward, especially when you are dealing with a property purchase too.

While many of us are still basking in the afterglow of Christmas, it is easy to see why people are turning towards the New Year. No matter what your plans are for New Year, there is a lot to be said for making a fresh start, and creating a platform which will help you achieve success.

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