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It is likely many people are working from home at the moment. A lot of people have classed this as a dream lifestyle, but now that it has been forced on so many of us, it is no surprise a lot of people are struggling to come to terms with the process.

The wait for the March 2020 Budget has been a long one for many people in the UK housing market. There is an expectation that the Government will introduce a range of housing measures, and stamp duty is likely to be a key issue.

Spring is the ideal time to freshen up your home, and to make some changes. Hopefully, the weather will improve, and there is a lot to be said for being more optimistic in your outlook. This is the perfect time of year to reinvigorate your home.

We know arranging a mortgage is often a challenging process. The challenges of saving for the deposit and then finding an affordable mortgage is often a difficult task for many potential buyers. Therefore, it is pleasing to see there is a growth in the number of mortgage products available to buyers.

As first-time buyers make up more than half the buyers in the UK property market, it is important this group has a chance to step onto the property ladder. This isn’t just the case for buyers, vendors are also affected by what happens to these buyers. If there isn’t enough first-time buyers stepping onto the market, selling homes becomes a harder challenge.

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