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Even though spring is the busiest time of year for property market transactions, there is no getting away from the fact some people are unsure of the merits of arranging house viewings in January. With January being a cold month with limited daylight hours, it may be difficult to arrange suitable viewing times for prospective buyers, but if you can work around that, there is no reason to avoid January when selling your home.

After all, given the nature of the property market, if there are buyers interested in the property, vendors should be looking to appeal to them.

Is it any wonder that many people feel slightly depressed after the festive period has ended?

January is a time of year when people commit to changing their lifestyle and turning over a new leaf.

Every part of the process matters when you are selling your home, and it is vital that you promote your home.

Selling your home is a challenging process and no matter how organised you are, you can sometimes feel as though you are not in control of the process.

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