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Selling your home is difficult. If you a homeowner with a lot of happy memories, it is natural that this will influence how you want to present your home, but you are much better off trying to consider what the prospective buyer wants from your home.

There has long been an assumption in the United Kingdom that most people renting property only do so because they are unable to afford to buy a home. The main demographics of tenants in previous decades focused on students and young professionals but in the current economic and social climate, this is no longer the case. There are many families and adults who rent, and this is something that modern landlords are adapting to. There is also the fact that there are many tenants who rent because they choose to, because they would rather rent than buy.

Timing means a lot in the UK property market and it is important to know what represents an opportunity. A recent study suggests that the supply of housing stock in the UK is very low; in fact, it is practically at a new low since records began. With so many homeowners deciding against placing their home on the market, it may be that this is a bad time to try to sell your home. This is certainly the thought of some professionals in the sector. However, with the right help, this current situation may represent a good time to sell property and at Austin Property Services, we are here to tell you why.

If you are looking to sell your home, think about the buyer and why they want to move to a new home. When you know the motivation that lies behind people’s actions, it becomes easier to meet their needs and make them feel as though you are helping them. There are many reasons why people look for a new job but in a recent study, has been revealed that the most common reason people cite for buying a new home is because of a big job.

Selling your home is a challenging process but there are ways to minimise the stress and inconvenience when placing your property onto the market. One mistake that many vendors make is focusing too much on what they want or expect as opposed to thinking about what the buyer wants or even who the buyer is. It is natural that sellers will think that the most likely buyer will be someone that was in the position they were in when they bought the property, but this may not be the case. In fact, as the demand for downsizing grows, you may want to think about a completely different market when selling your home.

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